Graphene for Integrated Circuit Applications - GRAPHICA

Graphene for Integrated Circuit Applications - GRAPHICA

Direct growth of high quality, large area and uniform graphene layers on arbitrary insulating substrates still remains one of a key challenges for the successful integration of graphene into the novel microelectronic devices. Therefore, developments of new approaches for the fabrication of graphene-based nanostructures with high quality graphene and tailored interfaces is of the highest importance. 


In the GRAPHICA project, we aimed to develop Si-technology compatible graphene synthesis method and bring the growth method to a new level of technological maturity and demonstrate its suitability for fabrication of graphene-based electronic devices in a 200 mm CMOS pilot line.

During the project the following has been achieved:

  • The influence of substrate layouts and catalyst thickness on the proof-of-concept graphene growth has been determined.
  • The influence of the wide range of the CVD processing parameters on the properties of grown layers has been investigated.
  • The pilot study and the integration of developed layouts into the CMOS platform for the fabrication of the graphene based devices has been demonstrated.
  • A technical analysis for the development of next generation CVD equipment at Aixtron for CMOS based graphene application was obtained.

Project Details

Call Call 2013
Call Topic Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME)
Duration in months 36
  • IHP, Germany (Coordinator)
  • AIXTRON SE, Germany (Partner)
  • ITME, Poland (Partner)
  • Nano-Carbon, Poland (Partner)
Funded by
Total project cost € 1,515,500
Contact IHP

Im Technologiepark 25, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

Dr. Mindaugas Lukošius
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