Research facilities in M-ERA.NET territories

M-ERA.NET promotes excellence and relevance of research, education and innovation in the field of materials science and engineering. Excellent research requires excellent research infrastructures that determines development of new products, technologies, skill and knowledge. Open access to such facilities leads to economic growth, competitiveness, health, quality of life, a better environment and the creation of jobs.

At European level there has been a Mapping of the European Research Infrastructure Landscape (MERIL) under the coordination of the European Science Foundation (ESF). The MERIL portal gives access to an inventory of openly accessible research infrastructures (RIs) of more-than-national relevance in Europe across all scientific domains. It aims to be a user-friendly resource for information commonly needed by researchers seeking access to an infrastructure and by policy-makers analysing the current state of research infrastructure in Europe.

M-ERA.NET strongly encourages beneficiaries to increase visibility and accessibility of research facilities existing in M-ERA.NET territories by including their relevant RI in the MERIL database. For more information please visit: