M-ERA.NET Call 2017 statistics are online

The statistics about the Call 2017 results are now availabe.

20 full-proposals are selected for funding requesting a funding volume of 15.8 Mio EUR.

These projects are allocated to the call topics as follows:

  • Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME): 1 funded projects
  • Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces: 4 funded projects
  • High performance composites: 3 funded projects
  • Multifunctional materials: 3 funded projects
  • New strategies for advanced material-based technologies in health applications: 2 funded projects
  • Materials for Additive Manufacturing: 7 funded projects

More details can be found via the following link: https://m-era.net/joint-calls/joint-call-2017/results-of-m-era-net-call-2017