Norway: RCN

Name of Funding agency

The Research Council of Norway

Geographical coverage (national/regional)


Name of the programme/initiative

Nanotechnology Microtechnology and Advanced Materials

Energy research

Industry and services

Programme website

The Research Council of Norway

Programme owner

The Research Council of Norway

Program manager (executing funding organisation)

The Research Council of Norway

Contact person(s) (e-mail, tel.)

Lenka Hannevold


Phone: +47 98 23 04 53

Funding Commitment

 2 500 000 €

Anticipated number of fundable research partners


Maximum funding per grant awarded to a partner

Maximum budget pr. Norwegian partner is 500 000 €

Total budget for Norwegian partners in a single project is 500 000 €

Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range

TRL 1-6

Funding rates (approx.)

Funding rates – according to national rules: Budget (RCN)

Industrial partners are funded with up to 50 % of their eligible project costs. The funding must be in compliance with the EEA state aid rules.

Contracts with RCN are made in NOK and transitions to NOK is based on the currency exchange rate in effect on the pre-proposal deadline date (15th June 2021).

Major eligibility criteria
(e.g. types of organisations, thematic restriction, cost types and caps)

Eligible costs - according to national rules: Budget (RCN)

Eligible Norwegian partners:

  • Approved Norwegian research organisations.
  • Companies that have been issued an enterprise number under the Norwegian Register of Business Enterprises and that carry out economic activity in Norway.

The Research Council encourages participation of Norwegian industrial partners.

The selection of the proposals to stage 2 will be based on following criteria:

  • Scientific evaluation (international experts)
  • Relevance to the national programmes and a balanced distribution of projects in relation to thematic priorities set out in the call.
  • Consensus decision-making by involved financing agencies for all project partners

Submission of the proposal at national/regional level (schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines, etc.)


Submission of financial and scientific reports at the national/regional level

 Yes, conforming with the national contract agreement

Further guidance

Calls for proposals (RCN)