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Department of Science  and Technology (DST)

Name of the programme/initiative:

DST will enter into contracts with the applicant's institution for all funding instruments established to support South Africa's participation in the projects. It is important for applicants to submit applications firstly to DST in order to ascertain the strategic alignment with the country's National Development Plan and the objectives of the Department.

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Programme owner

Department of Science  and Technology

Program manager (excecuting funding organisation)

Department of Science  and Technology

Contact person
Details: e-mail, tel.

Name: Mr Toto Matshediso

Deputy Director: Strategic Partnerships

Department of Science and Technology

Private Bag X894



Phone: +27 12 843 6339


Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range

South African citizens and non-South African citizens but working in a South African institution such as the Science Councils, institutions of higher learning, universities, private sector and national system of innovation organisations involved in R&D.

Funding rates (approx.)

DST will co-invest up to maximum of 90% of the approved funds for a period not exceeding 36 months with institutions as detailed below:


Type of research

Medium & Large Enterprises

Small Enterprises


& Research


Fundamental/Basic Research




Industrial/Applied Research




Experimental development




Major eligibility restrictions
(e.g. types of organisations, thematic restricition)

Direct costs:

Travel and Daily subsistence allowance including accommodation

The DST will cover travel costs in line with the guidelines of South African government regulations.

Consumables and supplies

Any consumables necessary for the implementation of the project may be considered as direct eligible costs. Consumables are only eligible costs under the project if bought after the start date of the project.

Costs of personnel

DST will cover personnel cost to be incurred during project implementation.


DST will not prevent SA applicants from subcontract activities within the project, but encourages SA researchers to commit to activities that they are mostly able to implement. And will not support subcontracting of parties outside South Africa. The co-investment contract will be between DST and the main SA applicant and not the subcontractor. Therefore DST will not be involved in any agreements/arrangements regarding activities to be implemented and how the reimbursed will be done between main SA applicant and the subcontracted party.

Geographical coverage (national/regional)


National/regional schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines

Cut-off dates will be as per call, however researchers are advised to submit the proposals to DST a month before submission to the coordinator. Failure to contact the DST may result in the project not been recommended for funding by the DST