Poland: NCN

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Poland - National Science Centre (NCN)

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Programme owner

National Science Centre, Poland

Program manager

National Science Centre, Poland

Contact Person


Name: Anna Kotarba

Phone: +48 12 341  9091

E-Mail: anna.kotarba@ncn.gov.pl

Type of research eligible for funding

Basic research

TRL: 1-4

Funding rates (approx.)


Major eligibility restrictions


  1. Principal Investigator: Any researchers with a doctoral degree, employed at a Polish host institution may act as Principal Investigator or Project Leader.
  2. Eligible costs - Applicants are obliged to adhere to the rules included in the Annex to terms and regulations on awarding funding for research tasks funded or co-funded under international calls       launched by the       National Science Centre       and carried out       as multilateral collaboration UNISONO, adopted by NCN Council Resolution No 131/2019 of 12 December 2019.
  3. Overhead costs must not exceed a maximum of 20% of the total direct costs and may not be increased during the course of a research Project.

Geographical coverage (national/regional)


National/regional schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines

On the full proposal stage Polish applicants will have to submit a short application via OSF submission system.