Spain (Andalucía): IDEA

Programme Profile:


Name of the programme/initiative

Promotion Program for International R&D&I, which is include in Te “Incentive Program for the Promotion of Industrial Research, Experimental Development and Business Innovation”

Orden para la concesión de destinadas a la promoción de la Investigación Industrial, el Desarrollo Experimental y la Innovación Empresarial en Andalucía”

programme website

Programme owner

Agencia de Innovación y Desarrollo de Andalucía.

Program manager (excecuting funding organisation)

Agencia de Innovación y desarrollo de Andalucía

Contact person
Details: e-mail, tel.

Name: José Antonio Pascual Sánchez. Victor López Mielgo.

Phone: +34 955 030 758, +346779 055 53


Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range

applied research, experimental development  innovation

Funding rates (approx.)

Maximum grant to SMES 60%, Medium Enterprises 50%, Large company 40% (large company under the subcontracting of a research organization.

No repayable Grant

Major eligibility restrictions
(e.g. types of organisations, thematic restricition)

Only companies, SMEs, Medium Enterprises and large companies,

Geographical coverage (national/regional)

Regional/Andalucía, Spain

National/regional schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines

Open call until 2020 or previously closed due to budgetary reasons.  

Please get in contact with the persons in charge above.