Slovakia: SAS


Slovak Academy of Sciences


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Promoting knowledge-based research in selected areas

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Slovak Academy of Sciences

Program manager (excecuting funding organisation)

Slovak Academy of Sciences

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Name:  Martin Novak



Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range


Basic and targeted applied research

Funding rates (approx.)

Up to 100%

Major eligibility restrictions
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Only research Institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences are eligibile organisations for funding by SAS (up to 100%).Applicants from other Slovak R&D centres (universities and/or other organisations) have to cover the project costs from their own sources (Letter of Commitment). In addition to this, the teams outside of SAS can be consortium members but not the coordinator of the consortium. Financial rules:                                                 National phase: Submission of the proposal at a national level will be carried out once the international evaluation and the ranking list have been performed and endorsed by the Call Steering Board (CSB) and the Slovak project partner has been informed by the project consortium coordinator and invited by SAS to submit the proposal to it. The Presidium of SAS makes the final decision concerning the approval of funding (according to internal rules of SAS).

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