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 Austria FFG

 Name of the programme/initiative

 Produktion der Zukunft

 Programme website

 Programme owner

 Bundesministerium fuer Verkehr, Innovation und Technologie (BMVIT)

 Program manager         (excecuting funding organisation)

 FFG - Austrian Research Promotion Agency

 Contact person
 Details: e-mail, tel.

 Name: Fabienne Nikowitz

 Phone:+43 (0) 57755 5081


 Type of research eligible for   funding: eligible TRL range

 Industrial Research:              TRL 2-4
 Experimental Development:   TRL 5-7

 Funding rates (approx.)

 Research organisation: Industrial Research - 85%, Experimental Development - 60%
 Micro/small enterprise: Industrial Research - 80%, Experimental Development - 60%
 Medium enterprise:       Industrial Research - 70%, Experimental Development - 50%
 Large enterprise:          Industrial Research - 55%, Experimental Development - 35%

 Major eligibility restrictions
 (e.g. types of organisations,   thematic restricition)

 Consortium restriction: minimum 1 Austrian industry partner.

 Thematic restriciton: eligible M-ERA.NET topics

  • Modeling for materials engineering and processing
  • High performance composites
  • Materials for additive manufacturing

 Further information on conditions and restrictions are given in the national call:

 Geographical coverage   (national/regional)


 National/regional schedule,     cut-off dates, deadlines

 Deadline for proposal submission via FFG eCall (
 national Pre-Proposal ("Kurzantrag"):                 19.06.2019, 12:00 C.E.T.
 national Full-Proposal ("Nationale Ergänzung"): 20.11.2019, 12:00 C.E.T.