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Programs of International Scientific Cooperation

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Ministrstvo za izobrazevanje, znanost in sport  - MIZS

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Ministrstvo za izobrazevanje, znanost in sport  - MIZS

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Name: Doroteja Zlobec

Phone:+386 (0)1 478 4624


Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range

Type of research funded: basic/applied – for Slovenian partner TRL range: 1-6

Funding rates (approx.)

Funding: 100 % for research organization (such as universities, public and private research institutes) who’s financed activity is non-economic in accordance with the provisions of Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation (OJ EU C 198, 27. 6. 2014). Wide dissemination of research results on a non-exclusive and non-discriminatory basis is required.

For research organizations who’s financed activity is economic in accordance with the provisions of Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation the provisions of the Community Framework for State Aid for Research and Development and Innovation (OJ EU C 198, 27. 6. 2014) and the national scheme for state aid in Research and Development: Program za spodbujanje raziskav in razvoja Ministrstva za izobraževanja, znanost in šport na področju znanosti, št 631-1/2016-7, 8.1.2016, applies.


Major eligibility restrictions
(e.g. types of organisations, thematic restricition)

At least 3 parties from 3 different countries are needed in consortium to be eligible for MIZS.

Eligibility of a partner as a beneficiary institution: research organizations as defined in the national Research and Development Act (Zakon o raziskovalni in razvojni dejavnosti - ZRRD, Uradni list RS, št. 22/06 – uradno prečiščeno besedilo, 61/06-ZDru-1, 112/07, 9/11 in 57/12-ZPOP-1A.) All participating institutions have to be registered in the Slovenian Research Agency register of research institutions (Informacijski sistem o raziskovalni dejavnosti v Sloveniji - Sicris).

Eligibility of principal investigator and other research team members: The project activities of the Slovenian partner have to be under the supervision of the primary investigator/primary researcher who fulfills the requirements for project leader as defined in Art. 29 of the national Decree on criteria and standards for allocating resources for the implementation of the research activity, financed from the budget of the Republic of Slovenia (Uredba o normativih in standardih za določanje sredstev za izvajanje raziskovalne dejavnosti, financirane iz Proračuna Republike Slovenije, Uradni list RS, št. 103/11, 56/12, 15/14, 103/15 in 27/17) from now on: Decree on criteria and standards). The criteria are further determined in the Rules on Determining the Fulfillment of Conditions for a Research Project Leader (Pravilnik o kriterijih za ugotavljanje izpolnjevanja pogojev za vodjo raziskovalnega projekta, Uradni list RS št. 53/16). All participating researchers have to be registered in the Slovenian Research Agency register of researchers (Sicris) and must have available research hours.

Eligibility of costs: MIZS will fund all eligible costs of Slovenian researchers participating in successful transnational projects, recommended for funding in accordance with the Decree on criteria and standards. Eligible costs are defined based on the FTE value according to the Slovenian Research Agency’s research project categorization (A, B, C or D based on the research conducted).  Eligible costs must be directly related to the research conducted and should include personnel, material and equipment costs as elements of the FTE. Indirect costs are eligible. The value is calculated based on the FTE value of category A, B,C, or D research projects, under the condition that costs under each of the specific FTE elements are appropriately decreased (by a max. of 20% for indirect costs).

Period of eligibility of public expenditures: as of budgetary year 2020 until the end of the budgetary year 2022.

Period of eligibility of expenditures on the project: from the starting date of the transnational project stipulated in the consortium agreement for a period of 36 months, with a prescribed additional 30 day period for the payment of invoices related to the project costs. The exact duration of the project will be defined in the contract between MIZS and the selected Slovenian partner, after the consortium agreement between the selected consortium partners enters into force.

National funding: max. 630.000 EUR

Total requested funding per project: for all Slovenian partners within one consortium must not exceed 70.000 EUR per year (210.000 EUR for the total project duration of 36 months).

Geographical coverage (national/regional)


National/regional schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines

According to the timeline of transnational joint call.

National contracting negotiations will commence after the projects are selected for funding on the level of the transnational call. National documentation with a statement regarding the agreed starting date of the transnational project signed by the transnational project coordinator will be a prerequisite for signing the contract on national level.