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ADE grants for international R&D projects in the framework of ERA -NETS

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Programme owner


Program manager (excecuting funding organisation)


Contact person
Details: e-mail, tel.

Name: Carmen Verdejo

Phone: +34 983 324189


Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range

Industrial research and experimental development projects involving effective international collaboration.

Funding rates (approx.)

Small-sized enterprises: Industrial research - 80%, Experimental development - 60%

Medium-sized enterprised: Industrial research - 75%, Experimental development - 50%

Large enterprises: Industrial research - 65%, Experimental development - 40%

Major eligibility restrictions
(e.g. types of organisations, thematic restricition)

  • Only companies are eligible. Research centers and universities are welcome as subcontractors
  • Minimum budget required for the regional companies: 150.000€
  • Maximum grant amount: 250.000€
  • Maximum two projects/company/call
  • Projects should prove it feasibility under technical, economic and financial criteria.
  • The starting date of the project must be after the proposal submission
  • Taxes are not eligible

Geographical coverage (national/regional)

Castilla y León

National/regional schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines

For any given international call, the opening date of the regional call is expected for the first half of the following year, generally after the Pre-proposal evaluation, and the deadline will be about a month later after the opening.