Netherlands M2i

Programme Profile: Partner 28

Stichting Materials inovation institute - M2i

Name of the programme/initiative:

„M2i – Materials to innovate the industry”

The programme is funded from TKI Holland High Tech (HTSM).

Programme website

Programme owner

Materials innovation institute (M2i)

Program manager (executing funding organisation)

Materials innovation institute (M2i)

Contact person
Details: e-mail, tel.

Name: Iulia Degeratu

Phone: + 31 6 10 92 81 83


Type of research eligible for funding (e.g. basic research, applied research, innovation)
(basic research, applied research, innovation)

Applied research and Innovation (experimental development) projects on high-tech materials (HTM).

Funding rates (approx.)

50% for applied research projects and 25% for experimental development projects.

In addition, industrial co-funding is required: 50% of the project costs for industrial research and 75% of project costs for experimental development projects.

The co-funding must be provided by one or more of the existing or new industrial members of M2i, contributing or committing to contribute to the TKI “Grondslag” for materials research.

Major eligibility restrictions
(e.g. types of organisations, thematic restrictions)

The proposal fits within one or more of the thematic areas of M-ERA.NET-2, as well as within the scope of the High Tech Materials (HTM) Roadmap, available at

The total requested funding per proposal cannot exceed € 300.000.

A letter of commitment for the cash-co-funding must be submitted as annex to the M-ERA.NET-2 proposal, as well as to M2i at, within the deadline for stage-1.

Proposals which do not include a letter of commitment for the industrial co-funding will not be considered eligible. Temporary research positions are eligible, with a duration of max. three years. PhD research positions (with a duration of four years) in industrial research projects are eligible for funding under the following conditions:

  • the work related to the M-ERA.NET proposal must be completed during the first three years of the M-ERA.NET proposal;
  • only the cost related to the first three years of the PhD have to be included in the budget for the M-ERA.NET application;
  • the remaining one year will be separately funded by M2i, under a separate contractual agreement;
  • the industrial commitment must be confirmed for the entire duration of the PhD contract (4 years).

To ensure the conditions are well understood, the Dutch applicants wishing to submit proposals involving PhD researchers and requiring funding from M2i and are kindly required to contact M2i well in time before submission.

Geographical coverage (national/regional)

National – The Netherlands.

National/regional schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines

A letter of commitment from the industry, indicating the cash co-funding to the project and the confirmation to cover the project administration costs, must be appended to the M-ERA.NET-2 proposal application.

The letter of commitment (signed and scanned) must also be submitted to M2i, at,within the deadline for stage-1.