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Science Foundation Ireland

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Science Foundation Ireland

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Name: Maria Nash

Phone: +353 1 607 3200

e-mail: ;,

Type of research eligible for funding: eligible TRL range

Orientated basic and applied research in the areas of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)

Funding rates (approx.)

Maximum of €250,000

(e.g. types of organisations, thematic restriction)

The Ireland based partner must hold a PhD or equivalent qualification for at least 5 years by the pre-proposal deadline (please visit the SFI website for further details on equivalence).


The partner must:

  • be a member of the academic staff of an eligible Research Body (permanent or with a contract that covers the period of the grant) OR
  • be a contract researcher with a contract that covers the period of the grant, who is recognised by the eligible Research Body as an independent investigator and will have an independent office and research space for which he/she will be fully responsible for at least the duration of the SFI grant OR
  • be an individual who will be recognised by the eligible Research Body upon receipt of the grant as an academic staff or as a contract researcher as defined above. The applicant does not necessarily need to be employed by the Research Body at the time of the application submission.

The partner is required to have demonstrated research independence through securing at least one peer-reviewed, independent research grant as a Principal investigator or as a Co-Principal investigator. Personal awards such as travel awards, career fellowships (which only include the salary of the PI and not research team costs (i.e., salary for team member(s) & consumables etc.)) do not count as independent research grants.

The applicant must be a senior author (first, last or corresponding or in those fields where alphabetic order authorship is the norm, joint author) on at least 10 peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. Please note that only original research publications, and not review articles or other secondary research literature, are acceptable

Applicants must ensure that proposals align with Science Foundation Ireland’s legal remit and one, or more, of the 14 National Research Prioritisation areas. Please refer to the Science Foundation Ireland website for more information

Geographical coverage (national/regional)


National/regional schedule, cut-off dates, deadlines

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