Partner 45: (ES: Spain) AEI - State Research Agency
The Spanish State Research Agency, AEI-Agencia Estatal de Investigación is a public funding agency created by a Royal Decree on November 2015. The AEI belongs to the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities and it is responsible for the proposal, management, monitoring and evaluation of the State programmes and the strategic actions of the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and for Innovation 2017-2020. All these action of the Plan are performed under the Spanish Strategy of Science, Technology and Innovation 2013-2020.
The Agency purpose is to evaluate, manage, finance and then monitoring technical research actions intended to generate, exchange and exploit knowledge as fostered by Central State Government. The Agency objectives comprise the fostering of scientific and technical research in all areas of knowledge through the efficient allocation of public resources, the promotion of excellence, duly encouraging cooperation between the System agents and providing support for generating high impact scientific and technical, economic and social knowledge, including the most serious societal challenges. As well, the Agency has established agreements with other public or private, national or international entities/bodies, in order to promote the R&D and innovation within the implicit range of its purpose and objectives.

Partner 12: (ES-AN: Spain Andalusia) IDEA - Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia
Agency for Innovation and Development of Andalusia IDEA, is a new model of regional development agency, attached to the Regional Ministry for Economy, Innovation, and Science, which brings together the experience accumulated by the Instituto de Fomento de Andalucía (Andalucia Development Institute) and which marks out new ways in which to reach one consensual objective: to make Andalusia an avant-garde region in the field of the most advanced economies. Agency IDEA is the unique managing and executive organization of the policies of innovation and development of the Consejería de Economía, Innovación, Ciencia y Empleo (Regional Ministry for Regional Ministry for Economy, Innovation, Science and Employment), which takes as a reference, the strategies outlined in the Plan of Innovation and Modernization of Andalucía (PIMA) and has, as its final objective, the Second Modernization of Andalucia.Agency IDEA promotes, encourages and co-ordinates the policies relating to the productive sector systems, defined as preferential, in accordance with the strategy of the Consejería de Economía, Innovación y Ciencía (Regional Ministry for Innovation, Science and Enterprise): Aeronautic Sector; Nano technologies; Metalmechanics Sector; Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs ) and Emerging Sectors; Agro-industrial Sector; Biotechnology; Environment and Energy.

Partner 13: (ES-AS: Spain Asturias) IDEPA - Instituto de Desarrollo Económico del Principado de Asturias
IDEPA is the economic development agency of the Principality of Asturias, the regional Administration’s official body committed to enhancing economic growth and generating employment in the region. In order to achieve this goal, IDEPA offers services to business and entrepreneurs. IDEPA promotes research, development and innovation as a basis for new productive activities and processes with high added value; encourages the integration of strategic factors in business management - technological innovation, quality and excellence, design and environmental sustainability; offers companies in the region European services to enable them to benefit from the advantages of the Single Market and facilitate their participation in European programmes; cooperates with the main regional, national and European organizations and bodies involved in R+D+i systems. IDEPA led the design of the RIS3 strategy for Asturias, and identified, among others, Advanced and Sustainable Materials as one of the main fields for regional specialization. IDEPA offers different financial support to facilitate the setting up of new projects in the Principality of Asturias. Furthermore IDEPA manages a yearly fund of about 5 M € devoted to support research and innovation projects. Currently IDEPA is defining new financial instruments aimed at RIS3 implementation. IDEPA, on behalf of Asturias, is already involved in three ERANET projects,, MANUNET and Oceaneranet, supported by the specific fund: IDEPA grants for international R&D projects in Asturias under Schemes.

Partner 14: (ES-BC: Spain Basque Country) Basque Government
The Ministry for Economic Development and Competitiveness coordinates the design and implementation of the Basque R&D&i Policy. That policy is widely known throughout the whole Europe as an example of a very strong regional compromise with knowledge and industrial development. At the present moment the Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2015 (PCTI 2015) is proof of the Basque Government’s determined commitment to position our country as an innovation reference in Europe. If the country’s first economic transformation served to strengthen operational efficiency and put us on the European quality map, the second important economic transformation, in which we are currently immersed, must serve to put us on the European innovation map in its broadest sense. This challenge requires a rich and varied Basque Innovation System, in terms of current disciplines or knowledge areas and the importance of relations which must be established in the heart of the system and with the exterior. Knowledge has its own life and is built on a cumulative process in which education, research and innovation participate. Knowledge flows and evolves with the different agents of the Basque Innovation System represented by the companies, agents of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network and the Basque Government along with the Regional Councils, as well as the General State Administration and the European Union.The key lies in supporting the core industrial strengths in the field of materials, energy, machinery, mobility and on the Basque advanced manufacturing capacities to invest, based on a dynamic, flexible model in market niches with great potential.

Partner 15: (ES-BC: Spain Basque Country) Innobasque - Basque Innovation Agency
Innobasque is the Basque Innovation Agency, a private non-profit association that promotes innovation to contribute, in collaboration with other agents, to make the Basque Country a leading region in innovation in Europe. It has a network of more than 900 partner organizations from the business world, public administrations, scientific-technological agents and society, whose honorary president is the Lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu. Since its creation in 2007, INNOBASQUE has been promoting innovation in the Basque Country with the aim of contributing to increasing the number of innovative Basque organisations, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises, accompanying them in this challenge

ICE is the public entity in the region that carries out most of the programs, actions, policies and financing measures focused on private sector in the region (enterprises), including regional policies and programs, the promotion and deployment of Spanish national R&D and Innovation policies and programs in the region, and all the issues related to R&D and Innovation at the international and European level. Among ICE commitments we can remark the following:
Innovation policies and financing (subsidies and loans), for all the agents of the regional innovation system (companies, universities, RTDs, etc.)
- Effective and specific support tool for regional entities in the frame of R&D and Innovation Programmes and related activities: support, information, training, events, incentives, etc.
- Promotion of European and International programs and initiatives (including a delegation in Brussels). Representation of the region in the committees and boards of H2020 and other R&D and Innovation programs and initiatives at the European level.
- Promotion and coordination of public procurement policies and activities in the region. Entrepreneurship, cluster and sectoral policies.
- Policies and programs for Technology Centres in the region

Partner 17: (ES-MA: Spain Madrid) fmi+d - Foundation for knowledge MADRIMASD
Fundación para el Conocimiento madrimasd (Madrimasd) was established (2003) under the initiative of the Government Council of the Community of Madrid (General Directorate of Universities and Research. DGUI) to manage a number of programmes (Internationalisation of Research, Enterprise Europe Network, Innovation Circles for Economic Intelligence, NTBF support, etc) of the DGUI. Keeping in line with DGUI objectives, Madrimasd aims at improving the quality of the higher education system in Madrid Region, promoting the development of scientific and technological knowledge, and the scientific culture, stimulating technology innovation and joint actions between the scientific and business communities, developing a framework to encourage start-ups from Research and Development projects, and participating in European R&D programmes and projects.